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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Drawing Challenge

DAY 21

One of the most wonderful outcomes of this challenge has been a growing collection of small drawings in one sketch book, and all are different.

Drawing 21
Watercolor Pencil

It has been an interesting situation to create a small drawing every day that has no function, no other reason to be created than answering the challenge.  It's not a sketch for a painting or a sketch to present for a commission.That means each drawing is a stand alone little work of art, though some of them have been inspired by the same subject or created in the same palette.  

This means I can draw ANYTHING!!!  It doesn't matter what I draw.  You have seen Fall, Lake, Boulders, Gears, Palms, Cactus, Clouds.  When I sit down in front of the sketch book I haven't known what I was going to draw, until today.

I am so curious to know what you think of this little drawing, which was posted on my Artist's Facebook page yesterday without telling the thought behind it, because sometimes knowing can lead your mind.  And once you know what inspired this drawing you may see something you would not have seen without that knowledge.

But here it is:  Today when I was meeting with my eye doc for an annual exam and he showed me the photograph of the inside of my eye I decided to create a little drawing inspired by that photo.  Just curious, what did you think of the drawing before you knew the idea behind it?  Do you like it more or less now that you know?

By the way, my eyes are healthy healthy healthy.  I am increasing my magnifiers, but that just means I get to add to my EYEBOB collection!  A new and different pair or two which I will use to peruse my growing collection of different little drawings.

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