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Monday, August 27, 2018

Summer's End

As Summer Comes To An End

The end of summer?  Seems like it flew by, and now here we are with cooler temperatures and shorter days.  There is a new, blank canvas on my easel that will receive the last painting of summer, inspired by hours weaving through massive boulders on my paddle board.  Here are a few photos snapped from the board....

The transition from the dry, above the surface area of the rock, to the portion underwater with all the constantly moving patterns of light has captured and is holding my attention. Let's see how this translates to the blank canvas.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Installation Day

As Promised

The triptych, Crystal Clarity, was installed today.

It is hanging in a beautiful lake front home.

Crystal Clarity is a dramatic presentation of Lake Tahoe Boulders, which depicts above and below the water surface.

At 48" x 120 " it makes a bold statement.

Crystal Clarity
48" x 120"

Thank you Village Interiors for bringing this commission.  It was a rewarding challenge to compose and paint a serene depiction of massive boulders located off the Crystal Bay Point at Lake Tahoe in triptych format.

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Sunday, July 22, 2018


Studio Work Update.

It's crazy smokey outside today (from the Ferguson Fire outside Yosemite), so it's a good time to sit at the computer, and that's  something I have not had much time to do in the last two months.  Spending hours, days, weeks in the studio working on a large triptych has been consuming. Scroll down for a photo essay showing some of the progress from beginning to end.

Sketch for the commission

Mixing the first paint to hit the canvas.

Start of the 4 x 5 ft. center canvas

More work on the center canvas

More work on center canvas

Beginning 'below the surface' work.

Aligning the three canvases.

Below the surface painting work completed.

Acrylic painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Reflections painted onto the triptych.  
This photo is a bit funky becuase it was taken from an odd angle making the canvases look like they are not aligned properly.  It's an illusion.  When the work is installed I will take another photo and post it.

This triptych is complete, sitting in my studio, ready for installation.  It is a powerful compilation of three boulder groupings off the Crystal Bay Point in Lake Tahoe.  

And now,  because it is so horribly smokey outside, I will go back into the studio to begin the next commission. That's the update for now. Let's hope the fire fighters can can get some containment going on this fire.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Lake Tahoe Rocks

Sketches for

Lately studio work has consisted of working on proposals for commissions.  Three projects are accepted and will now be painted.  Thought you would like to see the sketches.

This triptych will be composed of three canvases.  The middle will be 48 x 60 with the two flanking at 48 x 27.  

Kayaking Into The Rocks II will be 48 x48

Tahoe Serenity II will be 30 x 48

The canvases are under construction and painting will begin almost immediately.  Check back to follow the process.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Studio Life

It's A Juggling Act 

original acrylic painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Calm Before the Storm
30 x 48

It's busy in the studio.  The 'balls are in the air': Completing the painting shown above, creating a few bold jewelry pieces, communicating with a various designers about commissions then working on the sketches and approval for those commissions, sitting at the computer to complete administrative tasks.  These are the 'balls' that I juggle, and it's all about use of time.  How best to use it to accomplish what needs to be done and what I want to get done.  I have just been notified that another of my paintings has been selected to become Street Art Banner in Kings Beach, CA.  It will be photographed and printed on special material which is appropriate for outdoor elements. More juggling of time.

Dat so la Lee by Pamela Hunt Lee
Dat so la Lee with Eight Digikup
48 x 36

In this time period of political awareness of women and their accomplishments I am particularly pleased to have one of my Native American Woman portraits selected.  This portrait of one woman represents the many who were part of a group who learned an art form from their mothers, passing down cultural history, artistic vision and then innovating to take utilitarian containers into an art form.  Dat so la Lee was a leader among basket weavers, known as the Queen of the Washoe Basket Makers.  It is an honor for me to have this painting selected for a Street Art Banner and it is a great way to bring honor to Dat so la Lee and her contemporaries who created emblems of heritage and statements about cultural evolution through their art form.

Original acrylic painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Dat so la Lee with Eight Digikup
48 x 36

It's a busy time in the studio, the juggling continues, and all those balls remain in the air.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lake Tahoe Boulders II

Photo Blog of Calm Before The Storm

original painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Calm Before The Storm
30" x 48"

Nearing completion, this painting has acquired a title:  Calm Before The Storm.  Though there is still a bit of detail work to be accomplished this is pretty much it.  Instead of writing about each step below is a photo essay of the process. Scroll down to watch the painting develop.

Calm Before The Storm

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Painting

Lake Tahoe Boulder Painting

While waiting for the final decisions from the buyer for my next commission I have started working on a new canvas.

At 30" tall and 48" long this painting will move fairly quickly as long as I spend time in the studio in front of the easel.

After becoming so enamoured with the smaller commissioned painting with red in the palette (you can see part of it on the bottom of the easel) I decided to stick with the same hues. After living with the finished  painting for a few weeks I am loving it.   Do you recall how difficult it was for me to work with this palette? Brain shift.  I need to ship the small work, but I find myself clinging to it.

Here goes..... this is the beginning and I am sure there will be changes & adjustments due to the larger size. 

Trying to paint some every day, and already have ideas for another work invading my brain, creating clutter, urging me to get this one done.  Funny how that works.  For now, Lake Tahoe Boulders with Red on the easel.

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