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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

End of Summer Commission

We All Love Summer

View from the kayak

Research and painting.  That's what makes up summer for me, and I am in heaven.   Spending time on Lake Tahoe, in kayak and rowing shell or on my SUP, I weave my way through the massive boulders that decorate the shore of Tahoe bringing back to the studio mental images of those granite monoliths that become inspiration for my paintings.  

It has been a summer of commissions and the newest is currently on the easel.

Presented and Selected Palette

Presented and Selected Painted Sketch

The Beginning of the Painting

Under painting some of the shadows

The Rocks begin to take form

More above the water line work

Continuing the work on the rocks

How the painting looks today.

This is the beginning of the commission, with more to accomplish during the daily painting time in the studio.  I am still out on the lake enjoying the never ending research, observing the beauty of Tahoe so that I can bring it back into my studio and interpret what I see.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Anatomy of a Commission

The Progression of This Commission.

A few weeks ago I accepted a commission for a painting of a specific group of boulders that sit in Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe.  After several kayak trips out to this location:

I  started sketches and ended up with this:

The client and I talked about the desired result and after just a few photos sent electronically,  the final sketch along with the colors to be used were approved.  

Next step: I painted a small canvas board with the composition using the approved palette and the client made a studio visit to confirm and approve.  

Small painting to represent the commission.

A perfect 48 x 36" canvas with a 3" gallery wrap was built by Tony Spiker at Vista Gallery in Kings Beach. Because of the tight time line for delivery of the completed painting, Tony was under a strict deadline but he had the canvas in my studio on date requested.  Impressive.

Time to sketch the composition onto the canvas and begin the painting process.  Scroll down through the photos to watch the painting appear.

Sketch onto canvas

In Balance by Pamela Hunt Lee
Completed Painting
In Balance
48 x 36
Acrylic on Canvas

The painting is scheduled for delivery to a beautiful new home in Martis Camp close to Truckee, CA.  where it will be the focal point of the entry to the home.  It was a great project from beginning to end.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Experimentation in the Studio

Making Small Adjustments

It can be fun, exciting and a bit rejuvenating to make small changes in your work.  

12 x 12 experimental painting

Sometimes the desire to do things a bit differently comes out of left field, but most usually it is inspired by a specific thought  or experience.  This month I traveled to New York City to see plays, musicals, and art.  It was an invigorating trip to the city that never sleeps.  It was also inspiring.

One of the galleries visited was the Neue Galerie, a museum for German and Austrian art.  The painting I most wanted to see was Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, which is also known as  The Woman In Gold.  Seeing this work of art in person was mesmerizing, inspirational, and a bit over whelming.  Having the opportunity to scrutinize the detail in the painting underscores the thought that in-person viewing is far better than looking at reproductions of any kind.  

When I returned to my studio I had a burning desire to introduce detail into my rock paintings that would give them an even more contemporary feel than they already have. The small rectangle and square shapes that float on the sky, rocks and water in this small painting are directly influenced by the Klimt painting.  

These tone on tone and metallic shapes are currently an experiment but I am seriously contemplating using this idea in my next large composition.

12 x 12 experimental painting

For now however, I have turned my attention to a commission I accepted.  You may have seen the beginning of the commissioned painting on Facebook and I will show the process here in my next blog post.  It's a Tahoe Rock painting of a specific boulder group located off the Crystal Bay Point.  

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Time Studio Work

A New Beginning

Under painting the background.

It's been more than a month since I stood in front of my easel.  That is a very long time for me.  Travel and the move to my Northern California studio kept me busy and away from my work. Today I am back at it.  What looks like the beginning of one of my Tahoe Rock inspired paintings is actually an experiment.  Keeping the work small (12x12) will allow me me try what is nagging at my creative spirit, asking to come out, without devoting too many hours.  

Painting in the boulders.

I will post photos of how this progresses and let you know what I think.  And maybe, just maybe, this experiment will move from a small canvas to larger.  

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Completion of the Triptych

Competed And Installed

Complete.  In Place.  In Position. In Situ.

It has been a couple weeks since my last blog post, and in that time I have spend hours at the easel, working on the third panel of this triptych. 

The rock cairn was the first design element to be painted onto the canvas.

The veins of the leaves were added next to provide segments of painted areas and to allow me to see where the light and dark tones would be added.

After the leaf color was added, the third canvas joined the other two on the wall so highlight corrections could be made.

There is a wicked light source from the right because there is a glass wall, so in these photos the painting appears dark on the left and quite light on the right.  In person this is not so.

Completed.  In Place.  In Position.  In Situ.

This painting was powerful when it was just one canvas, but now that it is this size with splitting, balancing rocks and swirling leaves, it is commanding.  I was a little concerned the residents would find sleeping under this a bit daunting, however I am assured the nights are peaceful and restful.  It must be the cairns, the balance inferred by the harmonious stacking of the rocks, cradled by the leaves.

Time to take a little break from the studio.  Time to gather inspiration, do some sketching, work towards something new.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


When Goals Are On Hold

OOPS....   The completion of the Triptych was interrupted. But it's all good, meaning it was a fun and worthwhile interruption.  

Back Side

Just after my last blog post showing the progress on the triptych, I was asked to paint jeans for two women to wear to a Woodstock themed party.  Fun project.

Front Side

Yes, fun  project so I accepted.  After a little refresher about the music and art festival that took place in 1969 (no, I wasn't there, but yes I knew all about it), I designed and began the painting process.  

Back Side

I spent many hours, with '60s and '70's music blasting in the studio ( Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan) remembering what I was doing during this time period...  mostly creating with fibers, weaving and embroidering. This took me back. 

Front Side

A nice diversion in the studio, a slide back in time enjoying fond memories of another time and place.  Now it's back to the triptych.

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Triptych II

So Interesting To Go Back.

48 x 60
Acrylic on Canvas

Did I mention it might be quite a challenge to turn this large painting, Split,  into a triptych by adding two new canvases? Just returning to a long ago palette, one I did not record, has created a little bit of difficulty.  This has taught me to always record the pigments used each painting.

Some of the under painting is complete. Laying on the pigment in the rock cairn.

I find myself moving back and forth between the new canvas and the old, comparing brush work and color.

The cairn begins to build.

Most of the work on the cairn is complete.

The veins of the leaves are added.

This past week has been a challenge, at times a bit intimidating, to attempt to go back in time. Now the leaves will come to life with more back and forth comparison. Check back to see the progress.

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