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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Triptych II

So Interesting To Go Back.

48 x 60
Acrylic on Canvas

Did I mention it might be quite a challenge to turn this large painting, Split,  into a triptych by adding two new canvases? Just returning to a long ago palette, one I did not record, has created a little bit of difficulty.  This has taught me to always record the pigments used each painting.

Some of the under painting is complete. Laying on the pigment in the rock cairn.

I find myself moving back and forth between the new canvas and the old, comparing brush work and color.

The cairn begins to build.

Most of the work on the cairn is complete.

The veins of the leaves are added.

This past week has been a challenge, at times a bit intimidating, to attempt to go back in time. Now the leaves will come to life with more back and forth comparison. Check back to see the progress.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adding to an Older Painting.

The Newest Canvas on the Easel.

A very blank canvas.

I am working on two new canvases that will turn this painting, Split, into a triptych.  

48 x 60

I will post the progression on my Artist's Facebook Page as well as here on the blog.  I am thinking it will be more of a challenge that it seems for several reasons.  This was painted a few years ago, before I kept details regarding the pigments used so there is a bit of guess work going on.  I am not even sure I still have some of them.  My brush work style has changed a little bit, but I will attempt to emulate what is going on in Split.

Beginning the under painting.

I invite you to follow along.

Under painting progresses.

This should be interesting.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Guadalupe Arenas VII

When A Painting Nears Completion

Guadalupe Arenas portrait, near completion

Filled with time consuming detail, this canvas has been on the easel for over two months.  Finally it nears completion, and for me that requires a little bit of distance and a lot of critical observation to decide what small corrections and tweaks are needed.  For distance, I am leaving the studio today to make visits to art museums, planning to stop first at The Galen which its the Palm Desert location of the Palm Springs Art Museum.  Next stop the Palm Springs Art Museum where I will take time to look at a few of the baskets created by Guadalupe Arenas that are in the museum's collection.

Final stop will be at University of California Riverside Palm Desert Campus to visit the exhibition 'Artistic Expressions of the Coachella Valley'.  

This exhibition contains approximately 200 works by artists living and working in the Coachella Valley.  This will be my second visit to see the art.  I encourage you to make a trip to see this exhibit if you are in the area, and while there you can see my painting, Madame Butterfly, in person.  The exhibition remains through April 22.

Madame Butterfly
Acrylic on Canvas
40 x 40

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