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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


And So It Begins

 In all actuality this commission began a couple months ago with kayak trips out to one of my favorite spots on Lake Tahoe to sketch a variety of locations to present to the customer.  They selected a composition inspired by a huge balanced boulder in a small cove off Crystal Bay Point.   

After additional presentation of the palette the actual painting begins. 

This is how it happens:

The big (48" x 48") canvas is coated with white gesso.  

The first pigments go into the palette.

 I typically paint from top to bottom and left to right, and that being the case, after the composition was sketched onto the canvas the sky was painted onto the canvas.

As of this morning this is how the canvas looks. One of the boulders has begun to come to life.  There are hours and hours to spend in front of this canvas, so check back to watch the progress.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rainy Day Schedule.


Didn't my last post mention I follow the sun? Hmmm...seems not so this week, or at least today.  Grey sky and wet drops falling falling falling.  That's today.    

Since I posted last I did however follow the sun to the equator and dropped out of the electronic world to spend time gathering inspiration. Ever heard of inspiration overload?  I'm suffering. But more about that at a later time...

It's a good thing I have a large Tahoe Rock and Water commission to keep me focused.  The big blank canvas for this painting (48" x 48") arrived today and is ready to be placed on the easel.  Next step is to sketch the composition onto the canvas then begin the actual painting.

This is the itty bitty painting (3" x 3") created for the customer to give them an idea of what the finished work will look like.  Check back here, or on my artist's Facebook Page, to see photos and explanation of the process as the painting begins, takes form, and moves towards completion.  With this rainy weather I am sure to get a lot done in the studio.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Moving Time

Twice A Year

It's no secret, I follow the sun, so twice a year I pack up and head to a sunny location until that place gets too hot or too cold.  The desert temps soared to 100 degrees last week....way too hot for me.  You should see how rapidly the paint in my palette dries in those temps.  Makes it difficult to paint.  And that of course is one of the issues with acrylic, but I still love the medium.  Those high temps dictated moving time.  Time to head north, just like the birds.  

This bird will now be influenced and inspired to draw and paint the spectacular Lake Tahoe water, boulders and surrounding environment.  In fact, I have accepted a commission for a large Tahoe Rocks and Water painting that will grace a new home in Martis Camp near Truckee, CA. That means kayak time on the water with sketch book and camera which I have done.

After the forays onto the lake paddling among the boulders, I presented two compositions to the customer in pencil sketch.  They selected the Balanced Rock.  They also took a look at my web site and identified three paintings that spoke to them.  Each painting used a different palette, so I created these three small works using each of the color combinations.  The customer has now selected the middle composition.  Because of the move north,  I still need to unpack and settle into my studio before I can begin work on the large canvas.  I will post pictures as the painting develops so check back.

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