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Monday, June 25, 2012

Artist Pamela Hunt Lee: Painting Glasses of Wine

Artist Pamela Hunt Lee: Painting Glasses of Wine: It All Started in Barcelona Red Wine 10x8 150. Drinking Wine with Lunch. Another Glass 8x6" 125. Having a Second Glass. Afternoon Wh...

Painting Glasses of Wine

It All Started in Barcelona

original painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Red Wine

Drinking Wine with Lunch.

original painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Another Glass

Having a Second Glass.

original painting of a glass of wine by Pamela Hunt Lee
Afternoon White

An Afternoon Glass with Tapas.

Red Red Wine

The Aperitif Glass. 


And of course, Spanish Cava.

Champagne was the first sparkling wine, but only wines made in the Champagne region of France may be called Champagne.  Spain produces many fine sparkling wines, called 'cava' after the cellars in which the wine is produced.  These wines are made in the Chanmpagne method which is the same method used to make Champagne.  The Cavas we drank were light, dry, magnificent.


The sipping went on and on...with dinner, with dessert, with conversation late into the night and early morning hours.  How could I not return to my studio without thoughts of painting glasses filled with wine?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Artist Pamela Hunt Lee: Spanish Journey

Artist Pamela Hunt Lee: Spanish Journey: It Was All About Art and More The Art of Cooking. The Art of Eating. The Art of Shopping. The Art of Pilates. And of course, Art. B...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spanish Journey

It Was All About Art and More

The Art of Cooking.
The Art of Eating.
The Art of Shopping.
The Art of Pilates.
And of course, Art.

Barcelona:  Big City filled with multiple art viewing opportunities, and shopping. Second biggest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. Founded as a Roman City.  Renown for the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, which are organic in nature, and highly decorative.  Clearly he did not advocate sharp corners, pointed the spires, but rounded everything else.

Sagrada familia Barcelona
Sagrada Familia
Casa Batllo

The city also houses a Picasso Museum which exhibits many of his earlier works, not widely known or usually seen.  Housed in five medieval adjoining palaces, it is the only museum dedicated to the work of Picasso only.  Looking at the buildings was almost as interesting as the art.

MPB 4.273MPB 4.271MPB 70.241

And the SHOPPING....Barcelona is known for its fashion....oh, pocket book.  Came home with shoes, accessories, articles of clothing all created by Spanish designers of course.

The cooking, eating, wine consuming part went well...maybe too well.

Arugula salad wrapped with duck breast prosciutto

Midnight snack

Did I mention we started each day with Pilates?  There were a couple days that ended with Pilates as well, oh maybe not really the end of the day since the food and wine continued to flow until early morning hours.   We also squeezed in a bike ride through medieval towns in the Catalan countryside, a hike along the Costa Brava, a visit to the Gala Dali Castle House-Museum in Pubol.

Dali's studio area in the Pubol castle.

There was also a cooking lesson, and an idyllic visit to a small winery with luncheon prepared and served by the winemaker.  

Yes, that is a plate of homemade donuts paired with fresh cherries, dried fruits and nuts, and of course a desert wine.

Sketching every day was squeezed in between all these other activities.  Just one small painting completed while there, but there will be more.

Exotic fruit display in Barcelona's Central Market

First harvest figs, not as sweet and juicy as the second harvest will be, but huge and beautiful and definitely painting subject matter.

This was a memory making trip, organized by Teresa from Spanish Journeys who has great local contacts, is a relaxed, organized, terrific leader, fluent in the language, knowledgeable about everything Catalan,  and a delight to be with.   

It's off to the studio for me to re-orgainize my work area and begin painting again.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

New Gallery Representation

It's A Busy Day!

Splits and Cracks

Today I deliver six paintings to the Tahoe Truckee Airport for a group exhibition in the beautiful new facility that functions as an art gallery as well as the airport business office.  The building, what I call Tahoe Contemporary, is a great venue with open spaces and expansive walls.  


This show of Lake Tahoe inspired art will hang for the next couple months, so if you are in the area, stop by.  Four artists are represented.  The work will be installed today, and though the 'opening' will be later in June, the art will be hung and available to view.  I will let you know about the opening before it happens.

Did I say new gallery representation?

Yes! If that wasn't enough for today I had a visit from Vista Gallery which is located in Tahoe Vista on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.  Tony and Melissa Spiker own and operate this lake view gallery, represent several artists who work in a variety of mediums, have a rental program, work with architects and interior designers, and Tony's photography work is shown there also.  They now represent and have my work in their gallery.  Take a look at their web site:  or visit and like their Facebook page:  And if you are in the North Tahoe area I encourage you to stop by the gallery to take a look inside at the art and out the windows at the view.
Here are two of my paintings that will be shown at Vista Gallery beginning today:

pam lee 12Lake Waters IV
Watercolor on Paper
1400. Framed

Caught In The Split
Acrylic on Canvas

There is going to be a little lag between blog posts... I am off on a pilates, art, cooking, art, hiking, art, biking, art, wine drinking, art excursion.  There will be sketches and paintings to be shared upon my return.  In the mean time visit the airport and stop by Vista Gallery via internet or in person.  You will be glad you did!

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