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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Drawing Challenge. Day 7.

Another Spectacular Fall Day.

Aspen Tree Painting, Pamela Hunt Lee
Looking Up
Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 30"

One after another, calm, clear days, and the lake beckons. So do all the little chores and tasks outside my studio. Today's goals: finishing the cleaning of my French Ivory mah jongg set, getting the carpets cleaned, making a few phone calls and texts, and darn computer work.  Last, but not least, completing the aspen tree painting.  Check, check, check, check, check.  All accomplished!  Off to the drawing table.....and then to the lake.

Drawing Day 7
Watercolor Pencil without the water added.

Just thinking about getting out on the lake had me picking up the watercolor pencils and working on the idea of underwater seen from the SUP

Displaying photo.JPG
Drawing Day 7.  Adding the water.

Displaying photo.JPG
Finished Drawing Day 7.

Though the drawing got a little muddied, I see a possible painting as a result of this little drawing.   However I am putting another blank canvas on the easel for an aspen tree painting, looking up again, with the addition of the feeling of Fall leaves.  Somewhat like this one I just completed.....

Aspen Tree Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Looking Up
48" x 30"

....but there will be leaves and smashing color in the tree tops.  

This Drawing Challenge is from my artist friend Blaine.  If you want to see what she is doing with the challenge take a look at her blog by clicking HERE 

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