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Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Studio Space

New Spaces And New Paintings.

Moving into new spaces has been eating up my time the last couple weeks.  It is a bit daunting and a lot exhausting to move, hence no studio time and no blog posts.  The very empty room that is to be the studio was just that, very empty.  All of sudden, however, it is filling...rapidly....and now that my big easel is in, I will return to painting.

As you can see, the space is not organized yet (what a mess!) some shelving is still in boxes, books and canvases litter the floor, but it is time to paint.  Inspired by the color field painters I plan to experiment with large areas of layered pigments. My work is layered already, but typically filled with stylized, subject matter, like the painting sitting on the easel in the photo above and the one shown below.  My initial thought is to work without subject matter, but that may change.  It will be interesting to see where this goes. 

48 x 30
Pamela Hunt Lee

In the words of Mark Rothko, " A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience." Much like the daily drawings of October, time will be spent each day working with pigments, getting lost in the process, enjoying the experience.  A new space calls for new paintings.  Here we go...check back to see what happens.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Be Creative

 A Result Of The Drawing Challenge.

Several, out of the ordinary, things happened during and after the month of daily drawings.  New friends, insightful comments, artist's discussing new topics, and a book to read.  After following all the posts about the challenge a friend gifted a book to me, one with which I was not familiar. It's all about how to develop drawing skills, overcome creative blocks, acknowledging while you draw you enter a meditative state in order to find creative connections and confidence.  

It's The Confident Creative written by Cat Bennett. Already my copy has high-lighted passages and turned down corners... look:

The book is filled with interesting thoughts, different ways to draw, simple methods, loads of encouragement.  It's not just for the successful artist or aspiring artist, this book is meant for everyone as a guide to help you tap into your creativity, reclaim your creativity and have fun doing it.   I highly recommend you follow the link to the Amazon page, by clicking on the title of the book, and get yourself a copy.

by Cat Bennett

When you read this book have paper and drawing materials of some sort close at hand.  You will want to start making marks right away!  Have fun..I know you will.

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