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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Completion of the Triptych

Competed And Installed

Complete.  In Place.  In Position. In Situ.

It has been a couple weeks since my last blog post, and in that time I have spend hours at the easel, working on the third panel of this triptych. 

The rock cairn was the first design element to be painted onto the canvas.

The veins of the leaves were added next to provide segments of painted areas and to allow me to see where the light and dark tones would be added.

After the leaf color was added, the third canvas joined the other two on the wall so highlight corrections could be made.

There is a wicked light source from the right because there is a glass wall, so in these photos the painting appears dark on the left and quite light on the right.  In person this is not so.

Completed.  In Place.  In Position.  In Situ.

This painting was powerful when it was just one canvas, but now that it is this size with splitting, balancing rocks and swirling leaves, it is commanding.  I was a little concerned the residents would find sleeping under this a bit daunting, however I am assured the nights are peaceful and restful.  It must be the cairns, the balance inferred by the harmonious stacking of the rocks, cradled by the leaves.

Time to take a little break from the studio.  Time to gather inspiration, do some sketching, work towards something new.

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