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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fence Post Triptych - Part I

Here It Is !

Fence Post Cactus Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee

This is the first of three Fence Post Cactus paintings, designed to be hung together. Designed to celebrate the unique character of these fabulous plants that survive the baking and freezing temperatures of the desert where they live.

In a highly stylized presentation, this Stenocereus eruca sports wicked thorns, and wild curves.  A columnar cactus that can grow to 50' high is indigenous to the southern US and Mexico.

Come back to see the next in the's on my easel now.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Back to Cactus.

Yes, It's Back to Painting Cactus Plants.

Prickly Pear Blossom
30 x 48
Original Acrylic Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee

My current frustration with portraits, discussion with artist friends, and a bit of soul searching has led me back to nature's sculptures. I am not leaving my Indian Women portraits for good, just taking a break to work out what I perceive as issues.  

Fence Post Cactus painting in process.

So here is what is back on the easel.  This Fence Post cactus is receiving its thorns and will become one of three paintings to form a triptych.  Each will be a different type of Fence Post...all curvy, luscious, and prickly.  Yes, I will be working on my women, but in the closet, at least not showing them for awhile, until I work out my issues.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Delores Patencio Again, Still, Another.

Started a New Larger Canvas.

Yes, a portrait of Delores Patencio and it is giving me fits.  Into every artist's life a bit of doubt, frustration, anxiety and anger will fall. And here it is.  Arrrgggg.  I am ready to paint over the entire thing, or take it off the easel and go back to the cactus triptych I started and have not completed.  Ok, yes, this is incomplete, lots more painting to do. There will be details, high lights, low lights, etc.  However I am not sure about this beginning.  

The other day someone mentioned to me they do not like to see my work until it is finished because they don't understand where I am going and hesitate to make a judgement.  Oh boy, I am constantly making a judgement about my own work, and that is where the doubt and frustration come in, not all the time, but certainly with this painting. 

I could procrastinate and keep myself away from the easel, but in all there is to do is return to the easel and continue.  

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