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Monday, July 30, 2012

Wine Glass and Cocktail Paintings in Tahoe Gallery

These Little Canvases are now at Vista Gallery

Sauvignon Blanc

Vista Gallery is located in Tahoe Vista.

Afternoon Cava

Tahoe Vista in on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.

Red Red Wine

Lake Tahoe was just voted "The Most Beautiful Lake in America" by readers of USA Today.


The Gallery sits above The Old Range Steak House where they serve cocktails and wine.

The Cocktail Hour

Stop by for a beverage, maybe dinner, and then visit the gallery upstairs!  Each of these little gems is 8"x6", priced at $140. and includes a display easel.  A perfect ornament for a bar or kitchen counter.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Lake Tahoe Mornings

There is nothing quite like a Lake Tahoe Morning.

Whether in kayak or rowing shell a visit to Tahoe's boulders is a mystical experience.

It's a calming, meditative experience.

It is an inspirational experience.

Morning Light

This painting was inspired by the huge granite boulders located off The Crystal Bay Point, boulders that are the remnants of the lava flow from Mt. Pluto which formed a barrier across the basin's northeastern outlet, creating a natural dam across Lake Tahoe's original outlet.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Painting Tahoe Rocks.

While Painting Cocktails I Am Still Painting Lake Tahoe Boulders.

Over the past few months I have been working on two different Lake Tahoe inspired paintings composed of huge boulders that sit in the crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe.

These boulders are a granite that is light gray, medium to coarse-grained rock and along with other igneous rocks and metamorphic slate can be found throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Granite is composed of two light-colored minerals, quartz and feldspar.  Some granite appears to be salt and pepper in appearance due to the presence of darker colored minerals such as iron and magnesium.  That said, I am using a palette that does not contain black or  derivation of black, so the granite does not appear grey in my painting.  Artist license, and to me much more visually interesting.  

I thought I had completed 'Big Split', but not so.  After working on another boulder painting I decided to re-visit Big Split and the reflections on the water.  I am much happier with this painting.  This is just what it looked like this morning as I rowed past these rocks.

Big Split
48 x 36

The reflection of the rocks and sky on the smooth water reached out towards my boat in ethereal, mystical, silent fingers.  It was a meditative start to the day.  It was also conducive to the re-work of the painting.

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Friday, July 13, 2012


More and More Cocktails.

Such fun to paint quick, colorful, little paintings.

Cocktails and Fruit.

Adult beverages with olives,lemons and limes.  I think I am loving the olives stuffed with bright red peppers.

But the lemons and limes are great too.

Most of these paintings can be seen at Spirit Gallery in Truckee, CA.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Painting More Wine Glasses...

A Funny Thing Happens When You Really Look and See.

Blue Tini

When you take the time to truly look at something and analyze what you see, it is amazing to realize how much is there.


Take a glass of wine for instance.  If it is a white wine, like a Chardonay, a Fume Blanc, or a Spanish Cava, the color may be almost clear, a buttery golden yellow, or anything in between.    You can see reflections of what ever surrounds you in the glass, and those reflections are upside down!!!  Now if you haven't noticed this previously, I bet you will the next time you pour a white.  If it is a red wine the color can be mauve to black.  And those room reflections are not to be seen.  

Another Glass

And then there is the martini glass full of clear liquid...same thing...upside down reflections.  And boy, are these fun to paint!

Red, White and Blue Tini

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