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Friday, April 17, 2015

More About Time.

Is It Only Me???

Bird, Dot, Bam Necklace

Or does time seem like it is flying faster and faster?  That thing time, that flies, has grown huge wings that flap and flap and flap, taking us further and further along the path of life.  There hardly seems to be enough time in the day to get all the things done I would like to get done, like working in my studio.

The One Necklace

On that note, the studio note, thought you might like to see what has been happening and being produced in the studio because I have found time to spend in the studio.  Ok, it's not that I find the time, I make the time.  

NEWS Bracelet with Coins

Playing Mah Jongg is one of the ways I eat up time in huge gulps.  It's a fabulously fun game and one that cleans the cob webs off the grey matter. Honestly, the two best ways to spend time ( the pocket book holding all that time is getting lighter) is in the studio or playing Mahj with good friends.  

SEW Bracelet with Coins

I wear my Mah Jongg inspired jewelry when I play which has tempted others, so most of what I create has sold and now graces the necks and wrists of other players.  Pictured here are a few of the many items that have flown off my work table.

Dragon Bracelet with Coins

Dragon Bracelet
Dot Bracelet

Dot and White Dragon Necklace

NEWS Bracelet

Bird, Bam, Crack Necklace

Today I will spend a bit of time at the design table working on another Mahj necklace.  In the mean time, I am wondering how to slow the flapping of time's wings.

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