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Monday, October 20, 2014

Drawing Challenge.

Several Day's Drawings.

You haven't seen a blog post from me for almost a week.  A little traveling interrupted the blogging but not the drawing. I packed up sketchbook and pen and diligently created a drawing each day.  

Day 15 Drawing

This was sketched into my book while flying along at about 30,000 feet.  It was a cloudy day so I drew what I saw.

Drawing Day 16

I was in the Southern California desert where cacti and palms grow side by side.  How could I not be influenced? These are nature's sculptures.

Day 17 Drawing

For two days inspiration came from knowing, that in January, I must create a work of art that will have a visible mechanical apparatus from which it will hang.  Thinking this work may contain actual wire and gears I started drawing mechanical looking shapes.

Day 18 Drawing
Ink and Colored Pencil

Day 19 Drawing
Watercolor Pencil and Ink

It was a short trip.  Returned home to calm, clear, warm weather so it was out in the kayak on the lake for recreation and inspiration.  Day 19 Drawing was created after being surrounded by lake beauty.

And that drawing led to four small watercolor paintings.

As I opened my sketch book today my thoughts were still filled with rocks and water.  I took the time to go through the pages to look at each of the daily drawings before sitting down to create today's.  I have used both sides of each page which has led to some bleed through and crinkling of the paper.

The pages in my sketch book showing daily drawings.

The next open page in my sketchbook, actually the back side of Day 19 Drawing, had interesting eye catching shapes making convex contours on the page. I started to draw around those shapes and 'Day 20 Drawing' developed. After working on the four little watercolor paintings, it is apparent I had rocks on the brain.

Day 20 Drawing

There you have it.  Several days of drawing, six to be exact, without blogging, but I think I made up for that today!

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