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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fund Raising for Kids.

Fund Raising By Kids For Kids.

With Art.

What a great idea!  This is what came across my computer yesterday.  The idea of one child creating a work of art which will be sold, with the proceeds from the sale being used to purchase a toy for a needy child.

And it was a child that came up with this idea.  Lyla painted this lovely rainbow then asked her mom to put it up on eBay to see if it would sell.  When her mother queried what would Lyla do with the money, Lyla answered she would buy toys for children that don't have them.  

So then the mom posted  the painting and sentiment on her Facebook page which I saw and suggested friends start bidding on the painting right there on Facebook.  And they have been bidding.  Last I checked the high bid was $20.

It's quite a lovely little painting.  The depth this young artist created with layers of clear, washed pigment is intriguing.

It will be beautiful in a frame, under glass, giving a spot of color and whimsy to any room.   And all of the funds paid will go directly to a toy for a child who needs one.  Maybe the 'toy' could include the genre of art supplies for a child that doesn't have them.

This is a win win deal.  The funds raised will provide something for a child that doesn't have and at the same time paying money for the painting will validate the creative efforts of this little artist, Lyla. 

Because of privacy issues, I am not giving out the Facebook page, so if you would like to bid on this painting, leave me a message and I will bid for you.  The bidding closes, tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1 at 10:00 PM.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Long Beach Museum of Art

Art Auction 15

Acrylic painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Play On Words
Acrylic on Canvas

The exhibition is up and running.  This is the Long Beach Museum of Art's  biennial, four week exhibition and auction.  The exhibition opened last week on April 18 and will continue until May 18. This is one of the best auctions of contemporary art on the West Coast with over 100 artists participating after being invited and juried into the event.  Yes, I am honored to be a participant and the painting shown here,  titled:  A Play On Words,  is my entry.

Play On Words

During the four week exhibition it is possible to make bids on the paintings.  The culmination of the exhibition takes place May 19 from 4:00 - 9:00 pm with a live and silent auction of all the paintings.  While perusing and bidding on the art the guests will be treated to tapas dining and a hosted bar on the expansive lawn overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

Play On Words

Proceeds from the Auction support the Museum's mission to collect and care for their permanent art collection, present changing exhibitions,  and provide educational programming.

Play On Words

Sounds terrific!  Remember, if you cannot get to the event on May 19, you can visit the Museum before then to bid on the art works.

Play On Words

Click Here to view my painting on the Museum's web site.

Click HERE to visit the portion of the Museum's web site with details about the event including how to purchase tickets.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Motivation, Passion and Following Your Dream.

Follow Your Dream

A friend introduced me to the television show The Voice.  Have you seen this program?  Ok, ok, it's another reality show and I do not typically watch this type of program, actually I watch very little TV, but I must admit I am hooked.   So last night, as I was doing the fast forward thing through the advertisements,  I started to think about what it is that has captured my attention.  Why am I watching this show?

This is the beginning of the season, the show has progressed through the Blind Auditions and is now into a phase called The Battles.  The contestants have been selected and are beginning to be eliminated. During audition phase they all said over and over that they want to move their career forward and believe the coaching they will receive if selected for the program will help them do this.   They believe they have the talent to rocket to stardom.  And most seem to.  

So what has captured my attention besides the fact that the singing is darn good and I love to see how they present themselves:  It's their desire to follow their dream, their belief in themselves, their willingness to act on their desires and dreams.  They have a passion for what they do and they are pursuing that passion.  These people are motivated, they are working hard to get what they want.  They have made sacrifices, have run into obstacles, but they pick themselves up and go after it again.  Not only do they have motivation, passion and desire to follow their dream, but they act on these feelings.  They are doing something to reach that dream.


We could all take a lesson from these contestants. What is it that motivates you, what are you passionate about?   What is your dream?  Are you doing something about it?  Are you working towards achieving your dream?  We have all heard that famous phrase, Just Do It, repeatedly.  It's oh so true.   Do something about your dream.  Make something happen.

So it is back to the easel for me where I pursue my passion for creating.  It's where I spend hours, lost in the process.  But it doesn't end with the creating.  That is the beginning.  There is much more to do, additional hours at the desk, working on the computer, visiting galleries, meeting people.  It's all part of following the dream.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Inspiring Art.

What Inspires An Artist?

Several paintings by Pamela Hunt Lee
Inspired by Lake Tahoe Rock Formations
Shown at Spirit Gallery in Truckee, CA

Inspiration comes from many many sources.  Walking through an art gallery, reading the lines in a poem, listening to music, taking a walk or a run or a ride or a row or a kayak.

Original Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Inspired by White Tank Granite Rock Formations in Joshua Tree National Park

 Now that's my type of inspiration.  The outdoor type.  

Aspen Colors
16 ,x 20
Original Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Inspired by Fall Leaves

We look at things every day, from the moment we get up in the morning until we put our head on the pillow at night.  Our surroundings are filled with dramatic landscapes, lakescapes, seascapes, clear blue or cloudy skies, colorful sunsets, boulders, pebbles, trees, sticks, leaves, dainty small to spectacularly large flowers.  There are unusual and amazing things to see and inspire, everywhere around us.

Barrels And Fenceposts
Original Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Inspired by Desert Cacti

It's the detail in nature that inspires my work, therefore I create a composition that provides the viewer an intimate moment with the subject.  I want you to see and ponder the detail as well.

Three Birds
36 x 36
Original Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Inspired by Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus Flowers

Continuous inspiration fuels my desire to spend time outdoors.

48 x 48
Original Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Inspired by Lake Tahoe Rock Formations

So while there are many varied sources to inspire an artist, mine is nature.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

99 Bucks

It's That Time Of Year!

Anonymous - 4224 Seventy Five

Anonymous - 4223 Three Tangelos
Time for 99 Bucks!  Well, it's almost that time, it's just a couple weeks away.  Saturday, April 13 at Hotel Zozo in Palm Springs, 4:30 PM.  Mark you calendars.

These are a few of the hundreds of small canvases that will be available for purchase:

Good things come in small packages!  Each year Artist Council members and their friends solicit artwork on 5" x 7" canvases from celebrities and artists from around the state, the nation and the world.  At the 99 Bucks sale, hundreds of these artworks are displayed and each only costs $99.  The hook: the buyer doesn't know who created the art until he or she owns it.  You never know whose work might be hanging in your home....

Anonymous - 4222 The Girls

It's a great and fun event, attended by throngs (over 1000 art lovers) who all rush into the gallery at once, snapping up original art at this wonderful price.  The energy in the room is incredible.  The money raised by the event goes to the Artists' Council of the Palm Springs Art Museum to further efforts of art education to the residents of the Coachella Valley benefiting youth and adults.

Click HERE to go to the on-line gallery where you see all of the little canvases that will be available at 99 Bucks each.  Hopefully I will see you at Hotel Zozo on April 13 at 4:30 PM.

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