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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Is It Really Spring?

Original painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
The Pond
48 x 30
Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Pamela Hunt Lee

It's Spring, and wasn't it just Fall?  How did Winter pass by so quickly?

Where I live, the water lilies have begun to bloom reminding me of this painting, The Pond, which depicts Cat Tails and Water Lily Blossoms.  

This aquatic plant, with roots growing in soil, leaves and blossoms floating on the water surface, can be a day or night bloomer.  Where I live the blossoms open in day light, close as the sun is sinking in the west.  This is a sure sign of Spring, the blooming of the water lily plant.

But really, it's Spring already?

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Open Studio Tour.

Visit An Artist's Studio.

A corner in my studio.  You can see a couple torn paper portraits sitting above the canvases leaning against the wall.

There are wonderful surprises in store for you when you visit an artist's studio.  I encourage you to go out on an organized Studio Tour or schedule a private visit.  Artists love love love to share what they are doing.  Just get us started talking about our work and it may be difficult to get us to stop!

Small canvas prepped with Dick Blick's Indian Red.

You cannot imagine what you might see in an artist's studio. Ok, you can imagine, however you will see things you didn't expect.  

Attaching fibers to the canvas.

The other day a woman came to visit my studio and very shortly after she entered she walked over to a painted, torn piece of paper I had tucked behind a few blank canvases, exclaiming, "I love this! I want this!  What can you do with it?"  The 'this' she held was one of my Indian Women portraits, one that belonged to the group painted last spring in a fast and loose way, as a tool, to get me to loosen up a bit with the faces....perhaps you remember since I published a few blog posts during that process.  In the photos shown here you see my studio, the torn face paper and how I brought this to a completed art work.  

What the canvas looked like after the fibers were attached.  I used these to emulate the feel of materials used in basket making.

The portrait attached to the canvas.

Completed Dolores Patencio Portrait after addition of glazes and other detail work.

I encourage you to make sure you have art in your life, and one way to accomplish that is to visit an artist's studio.  You will be entertained, surprised and may even see something you cannot live without.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Hidden Identities.

The Third Painting in the Series is Complete.

Tools of the Trade
30 x 24
Mixed Media

This third painting in Hidden Identities was inspired by Aboriginal face and body painting, the use of circular shapes to tell a story and what might have been used as tools to apply pigments before we had brushes.

In my last blog post I told you how after a fairly intense wind, I collected sticks that had blown out of a local tree.  These were adhered to the canvas after applying several layers of pigment in a variety of hues, ending with an off white, and after scraping through the that top coat of paint to create areas of movement and depth.

Circular shapes were painted on and covered with washes to create an impression of antiquity.

Tools of the Trade

Glazes repeating the under colors were added as well as a bold black stripe behind the central area of the sticks. Third painting in the series, completed.  

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