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Friday, October 6, 2017

See Where You Are

See Where You Are

Do you know I have a book titled, See Where You Are.  It's my mantra, my belief that you should engage with your surroundings, living in the moment, observe and take it in.

Today I received an email from an artist who also blogs and she is talking about how to practice the art of seeing. Her points are on target and I couldn't say it better, so here is a link to her blog.  Check it out by clicking here  Enjoy!  And See Where You Are.

If you would like to order a copy of my book, contact me by clicking here and I will give you the details and ship one out to you. Or click on this to be taken to an order page.

See Where You Are 

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Looking At and Loving Art.

A Month of Appreciating Art

Not just one month, all the time we should look, see, and enjoy the work created by others, however I have designated the MONTH of September as a time to pay special attention to the art of others.  It started with a trip out into the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to see the creative endeavors of many different people who install static, kinetic and drive-able art at Burning Man.

Reggae Breathing Copper Dragon Art Car.

A few static displays: 

The costumes worn by some of the participants lead to looking at a variety of clothing designers and one that particularly grabbed my attention was Manish Arora.  Click on his name and take a look at wildly inventive clothing.  An Indian fashion designer, based in New Delhi, he also has a flagship store in Paris. Great creative flair, rich with design and embellishment, his clothing is art.

Image result for manish arora

This past weekend it was brought to my attention that one of my house guests is a great great granddaughter of Pierre August Renoir.  So into the past to re-acquaint myself with the work of a painter who was one of the leaders of the development of impressionist style, who believed in beauty, color, light and shadow.  Click on his name to read more about him and if you are interested there is a lovely film called Renoir that came out in 2012.

Image result for pierre auguste renoir   
Self Portrait

See adjacent text.
The Umbrellas.  Owned by The National Gallery in London.

Not sure where to look next but watch my Facebook page ( Pamela Hunt Lee) to follow along.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

End of Summer, New Beginnings.

And Completed Painting

Keyhole, 36x36, Pamela Hunt Lee
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36

Titled:  Keyhole, this painting came off the easel last week and is currently being shown at Village Interiors in Incline Village, Nevada.  Inspired by the high water level at Lake Tahoe this summer and an unusually spectacular boulder group off the Crystal Bay Point, North Tahoe, it's a dramatic composition which makes a powerful statement about the water level and the massive boulders that decorate the shore of this magnificent lake.

And yes, it is the end of summer and as the seasons change it is time for new beginnings and changing routines.  It will be interesting so see how this affects my studio work.  

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Monday, August 21, 2017


The Eclipse is Over

What better place to view the eclipse than from the shimmering surface of Lake Tahoe, hovering over the deepest part of the lake?  Kayaking among the rocks while the moon's shadow ate at the sun was a unique experience. The day became a bit dimmer and a bit cooler as the shadow grew, and as it receded the warmth and light returned to normal.  It was a celebratory paddle among the majestic Tahoe boulders.  

And then it was back into the studio.  Last week, while live painting at Spirit Gallery in Truckee I started a new canvas. 

Beginning of new painting.

Massive Boulders take shape on the canvas.

Painting at Spirit Gallery

The painting is now back in my studio where it will be completed.   This is a composition that shows above and below the surface of the crystal clear Tahoe water.  After today's eclipse viewing (it was inspiring) I am back in the studio working with the pigments to bring the under water area to life.

Current status of new painting

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Summer Is FLYING By...

It's August, but you already know that. And it isn't even the first week anymore. This is the second week of August!!!  How can that be?  Seems like the summer is flapping it's wings furiously and flying at record speed.

Legal Limit
Legal Limit
30 x 48 "
Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

I am happy to report that I believe I am ready to sign this painting (image above) and remove it from the easel, after two months of work. That means I will start another and be posting images of inspiration and progress.  And yes, I do know the subject matter of the next painting.  I am quite intrigued with one particular section of the painting shown above and will create a smaller work focusing on the one area, but it will have a different twist.

I am also preparing for a 'Meet The Artist' painting demonstration at Spirit Gallery in Truckee, CA on Thursday, August 17.  If you are close by, I hope you will stop in to chat, watch and see a variety of my work not usually shown at the gallery.

original painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Legal Limit

Enjoy the remaining weeks of Summer.  They promise to flash by and be filled with creative juice.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kings Beach Art Banners

Art Banners on Kings Beach Streetlights.

North Tahoe Business Association celebrates the completion of the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project with 15 original art banners on streetlights throughout downtown Kings Beach, and two of those banners are images of two of my paintings.  They were installed yesterday and will remain for the summer.

Crystal Bay Boulders
located in front of Lakeshore Sports
8499 North Lake Boulevard

This image was taken from Crystal Bay Boulders, an original acrylic painting inspired by massive rock formations found off the Crystal Bay Point, North Lake Tahoe.  Crystal Bay Boulders sold earlier this summer.

Fall Leaves
Located on the South Side of the intersection of Hwy 267
8692 North Lake Blvd.

This image was taken from Fall Leaves, an original watercolor painting inspired by the intense colors found in Aspen leaves that scatter over the ground and shimmer on the trees during fall time at Lake Tahoe.  This painting has sold but giclee prints are available.  

I am honored to have my work selected for display during this celebratory time in my home town of Kings Beach.  Thank you North Tahoe Business Association.

Crystal Bay Boulders, Banner Art

Fall Leaves, Banner Art

More about the banners can be found by clicking HERE

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Kaio Martin, Artist

Located in front of Kings Beach Mini Golf at 8693 North Lake Blvd, Kings Beach,

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer II

More of That Summer Inspiration

I spend hours on Lake Tahoe in my kayak and rowing shell. Frequently I pass by this particular stack of boulders which always looks different depending on lake level, time of day and weather conditions.  The day this photo was taken was perfect!  Sunny, clear, calm, and a very full lake.  What could be better?

So now, into the studio to sketch, refine, and begin a new painting inspired by this location.

The boulders begin to take form on the canvas.

It's always fascinating to watch the boulders begin to appear and take shape on a blank canvas.  The painting begins to take on a life of it's own as my brush moves.   Never wanting to create a photographic likeness I strive toward a stylized impression of the inspiration presented in a bold composition.  These photos show how this painting is progressing and how it looks today.  

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Jumping Into Summer

Tahoe Time of Year

original painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
View From the Board
14 x 11
Acrylic on Canvas

It's Summer!  That means gathering inspiration from paddling and rowing on Lake Tahoe then taking it into the studio to develop those ideas and visions into paintings.

View From the Board
Acrylic on Canvas

This painting, View From the Board, was inspired by what I see when I look down through the crystal clear water of Tahoe to the massive, submerged boulders.  It's going to be a great summer filled with loads of inspiration.

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

New Beginning

Tahoe Rocks

Original painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Crystal Bay Boulders
48 x 48
Acrylic on Canvas

It's the time of year when the call of massive boulders and crystal clear Tahoe water take over the studio. 

Original acrylic painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Perfect Lake Day
48 x 48
Acrylic on Canvas

Sketching and painting...

Preliminary Sketches

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Taking A Break

A Welcome Break
A Lesson Learned

Slabs I
48 x48
Acrylic on Canvas

Sometimes it is necessary to change the routine, take a break, do something new and different.  It's part of the process of recharging the creative mind. Sometimes it is difficult to accept what may become perceived as 'down time'.  Over the years I have learned, not easily, to embrace time away from my studio. Let it shut down in effect.

Slabs I

This came with feelings of guilt, and questions about whether or not I would ever return, but there is always a return.  Those of us with creative minds cannot completely turn our back on the process. We are driven. 

Slabs I

So when the creative juices flood back into our being, our minds, our entire person, we can return to the studio refreshed. 

Slabs I

I have been taking such a break, but today the desire to get back in there flooded over me. Sometimes it can be something you see or hear that will stoke those creative juices. Other times it might be a situation as it was today.  When I was notified that Village Interiors, in Incline Village, Nevada sold another of my large Tahoe Rock paintings I felt compelled to place a new canvas on the easel.  I think visually revisiting the pallet of rich earth tones and translucent blues,  the deep dark fissures and shadows in and on the boulders struck a creative cord.  Thanks to Village Interiors for the sale and for the nudge causing a return to the studio.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Tell Me A Story:  Women In The Arts

This Thursday, January 19, is the opening of the exhibition, Tell Me A Story:  Women in the Arts. This promises to be an exciting exhibition, showcasing 95 females presenting themselves as artists, how and why.  Not only will each exhibit a work of art, but a statement about themselves and their work.  La Quinta Museum will house the show from January 19 to April 30. Put it on your calendars and make sure to spend time seeing and hearing the voices of these women.

Let Me Tell You A Story - With Book of  Faces
Mixed Media
18 x 24

My work, Let Me Tell You A Story - With Book of Faces is one of the 95 works.  Below is my statement that accompanies this mixed media piece of work.

This is a story of the responsibility to tell a story.  I was tapped on the shoulder and inspired by a mother who claimed a previous life as a tribal member, tapped on the shoulder when, as a basket weaver myself, I learned about Native weavers, tapped on the shoulder by the invisible hand of the tribal weavers , given the responsibility to tell the story.  The story that took place across the land, the story of an art form passed from mother to daughter, of cultural history, artistic vision, and innovation;  the story of women working with natural fibers producing utilitarian containers.   The story of women who honed their basket making skills from childhood, developing a close relationship with their natural environment, creating vessels designed to carry burdens.  But the story changed and the burden shifted with the influx of settlers who appropriated the land. It shifted as the basket makers became domestic employees in settlers’ homes. The art and skill of basket making came close to being sacrificed to the advance of the settlers’ alien civilization.   Eventually the settlers recognized the skill and artistry required to create these beautiful baskets, and tribal women began to create baskets for the Curio Trade.  This is the story of innovation as the basket weavers recognized how to have their designs appeal to a non-native consumer, utilizing traditional techniques, relying on what their mothers’ and culture taught while developing artistic expression within the baskets.  Their baskets became emblems of heritage, statements about cultural evolution, sought after by collectors, dealers, museums.  What started as an art created out of necessity evolved into a form of expression.  Today we see their spectacular basketry¸ but we do not see them.  This is the responsibility to tell their story.

Tell Me A Story:  Women in the Arts
Thursday, January 19
5:30 -7:30
La Quinta Museum

Hope to See You There!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A New Year

New Beginnings

Work in Progress

A new year brings fresh, new beginnings, unless you have an unfinished painting, so this morning I find myself standing in front of the easel working towards completion of this painting before starting something new.  Do you remember this was originally begun for entry in the Invitational Exhibition at the La Quinta Museum?  It was put aside so I could focus on a different creation that forced it's way into my mind.  Let Me Tell You A Story - With Book of Faces was the result and  the work that will be shown in the exhibition that opens next Thursday, January 19.  

Let Me Tell You A Story - With Book of Faces
Pamela Hunt Lee
Mixed Media
24 x 18

The invitational exhibition is titled:  Tell Me A Story:  Women In Art and will run from Jan 19 to Mid April.  This is a celebration of women's art and promises to be filled with fabulous stories and creations.  

Until the opening of the exhibition I will be working on bringing this painting to completion, so I can actually move into the new year and begin something new.

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