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Monday, October 6, 2014

Drawing Challenge. Day 6.

Mixing It Up Today.

Drawing Challenge Day 6
Watercolor Pencil and Watercolor
(It started as a watercolor pencil drawing)

It's true that it would be so very easy to stay with the Fall colors, leaves, trees throughout this entire month of the Drawing Challenge. But the weather here is warm, calm, sunny, and the lake beckons.  My rowing shell, kayak and SUP have been in use every day and being surrounded by all that magnificent Tahoe water has influence that cannot be escaped.

Each excursion is different.  What is noticed, the colors, the movement of the water, the sky, the's a lot to take in and it is, oh, so magnificent.  

Today's drawing was an effort to capture the surface patterns on the lake when the water is as calm as it is today.

Where ever you are, get outdoors and enjoy the day!!!  

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Do you know that if you go back up to the top of this page you can enter your email address in the long, white rectangle to subscribe to this blog?  Typically I post once a week, but this month the drawing challenge has changed this with daily posts.  Next week I am traveling so I won't be blogging every day. 

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