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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Artists Are Unique

I Have Been Accused of Being Weird.

It's nothing new, just a repeat of words. I am told some variation of that now and then,  but aren't all artists a little bit different?  Our eyes and brains work in a particular way allowing us to process everything around us a little bit differently than others.  And we bring creativity into all areas of our lives, because we love to and are driven to create! 

So was it weird when I just wasn't pleased with the way the most recent palm painting was progressing and I painted out the palm so I could start over?

As you know, it is typical for me to post photos of my work here and on Facebook as it is created, as it is painted.  This painting was no exception.  However an interesting thing happened.  I posted a photo late in the afternoon and then during the early evening I picked up a brush and black gesso and covered the palm.  The next morning when taking a look at Facebook I noticed I had received a message from someone who wanted to see the painting before it left for the exhibition.  OOPS.  But not really oops, because I just was not pleased with how the painting was progressing and knew I needed to change it.  That person is not the one calling me came from another source because of this 'paint out' situation, and it was said with humor, but it just got me thinking about the other times I have been told the same.


After the gesso paint out


There were many things that were just not right about the painting and I corrected them.  The painting is done and off  at judging for the exhibition.  Hopefully the judges will not think the painting weird.  They don't get to judge me however, so I will just continue on with my weirdness.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

More Palm Painting.

Time to Paint Another Palm.


Did I mention this is a crazy busy month?  I think I did.  And it has become even busier.  Almost the moment the palm painting, 75, was completed, it sold.  That's a good thing, but it means I must now paint another canvas to commemorate and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the City of Palm Springs.  So I find myself sitting in front of the easel with a new canvas, letters and numbers.  

work in progress

This new canvas is more linear and though I will use the same palette it is already different from 75.  The letters are a bit different, the location of the letters is a bit different and the palm is already shaping up to be different.  Back to the easel....  stay tuned.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Palm Tree Painting

From Beginning To End

I spent hours and hours in front of the easel last week working on a palm tree painting to celebrate and commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the City of Palm Springs.  You saw some of the work in my post the beginning of last week.  And because of that post I had someone ask about the letters and numbers.  They are made from foam and attached to the canvas, so they are raised, and I paint over them.  These letters, along with the multiple layers of paint which are scored though, lend a wonderfully rich texture and dimension to the painting.

The trunk of the palm took quite a bit of detail time.

Laying in the fronds began in a general way with deep greens and blues.  Then it was more detail work to put in high and low lights with a fine brush to complete the fronds.  

While waiting for all of this to dry and living with the painting for a few hours to confirm completion, I painted a small canvas of palms I call 'The Dancing Girls'.  These 'girls' live on a local golf course, have captured my eye, are haunting me, so this was a great way to get in the mood for a larger work.  Depicted here, only three of the 6 or 7 girls....the larger canvas will hold all of them.  On this canvas they are only warming up...just wait until they get onto the larger dance floor!

Dancing Girls

Ok, back to the canvas '75' to glaze in shadows and deepen some of the background.

My signature is the final step.  The painting is complete.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Art Work

And So It Begins.

Mentioned previously that my studio would be a hive of activity for a couple months with the beginning of the year.  It's energizing to have all this work to get done.

First Project:  Members of The Artist's Council of the Palm Springs Art Museum have been invited to create work to commemorate and celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the City of Palm Springs.  Continuing with my letter and word fascination that found its way onto some of my canvases last year, I began playing around with sketches involving the appropriate words and numbers, or what I see as appropriate and palms, of course.  Palm Springs, see the correlation.

Just the start of the larger canvas.  The letters and numbers get attached.

And then the canvas is gessoed again.

Second Project: This one will tie into the first.  The small canvases I paint each year for 99 Bucks, the annual fund raising event for the Artist's Council are a perfect place to work out my desires for the above mentioned work.  The first little canvas is based on the letters, numbers and a palm tree.   Creating this small canvas helps me understand the palette I want to use, my compositon, and the way I want to paint the tree in the larger work celebrating 75 years of PS.

Little 7x5 canvas gessoed after letter/number application.

Little canvas completed.  

So then it is back to work on the larger canvas, laying in the colors that will become the background.  Heavy application of paint and scoring through some of it to create additional texture and line.

And then the palm tree is sketched in quite minimally and the work on the trunk begins.

Between processes I am ordering a large, odd sized canvas for a commission of Birds of Paradise and Hibiscus flowers and thinking about what to enter in an invitational show at The Long Beach Museum of Art.  BUSY.  2013 looks like it will be busy.  What a great way to start the year.

It's back to the easel for me....more palm tree to paint.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snow Bird

It's a Strange But Apt Title.
Snow Bird.

The view last week from x-country skis.

Some of us fly south for the winter to embrace warmer climes.  Apparently I do have those wings.  The Snow Bird wings.  Last week I was enjoying the white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky both outdoors and in the studio. was cold, but delightful.

The view this week while cycling.

Now, almost magically, I am in shorts, warm air, painting tropical flowers and palm trees inspired by those that grow outside my door. is a lovely temperature, which is also delightful.

Detail from Birds and Hibiscus, acrylic painting by Pamela Hunt Lee

I am flapping those Snow Bird wings into the studio to work with a warm colored palette on commissions and paintings for a couple invitational exhibitions.

Steuber's Date Palms
Acrylic Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee

Check back to see sketches and the progress of new work.

Barrels and Fenceposts
Acrylic Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee

Now that I have flown south, I am faced with a busy few weeks!  Join me to watch what transpires by coming back to my blog and visiting my Facebook page.

Wishes for a happy and prosperous 2013!

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