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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Drawing Challenge 2.

Day Two of the Challenge.

Aspen Leaf Drawing
Ink & Colored Pencil

October 2 and already I am feeling challenged.  I guess I haven't spent much time drawing lately and no wonder.  Just take a look at my work table mess.

Not many would be inspired to sit down to draw when the table is covered with all kinds of miscellaneous stuff.  First action of the day, clean off the table.

Ok.  That's done and now the table and sketch book call. The pens and pencils come out and I play around, pushing the pencil over the paper without too much thinking.  The results?  Kind of ick.  So more pushing.....

I move away from one page of the sketch book to another, and this is the drawing, below, that comes out.

And just in case you are wondering, I did start the painting that is a result of yesterday's drawing.

Looking Up
work in process
Pamela Hunt Lee

Now take the time to let me introduce you to my fellow artist and friend who challenged me to the drawing a day, Blaine. This is her first day's drawing:

Blaine's Day 1 Drawing

If you would like to follow Blaine's daily drawings take a look at her blog  by clicking here.

I think I hear the clean drawing table calling, so bye until tomorrow.

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