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Monday, June 27, 2011

Never Trust A Painter


Work on Domino Rocks Continues with the addition of underwater color and highlights.

A painter with a brush in hand, that is. 
Seems to me, a painter will paint almost anything.  I think it has to do with loving the process, watching a subject grow under the brush, working with the material.

I had an old camel back sofa once that needed to be placed in the middle of a room.  The back was faded.  Solution:  paint the back.  After a coat or two of gesso, that is exactly what I did.

The Top of the Table

I needed bed side tables and couldn't find anything I liked.  Solution:  nude furniture and a little imagination with some paint.

That old washer and dryer set that was baby puke yellow?  Solution:  get out the paint and brushes.  It became a work of art and fun to use.

And just the other day I received a commission to paint eight dinner plates.  Now this will be something different for me and loads of fun.

We painters just love to paint.

So don't stand still for too long next to a painter with brush in hand.  You just might be the next canvas.

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