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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painting in The Studio

Domino Rocks

After spending time in and among the massive boulders on Lake Tahoe sketching and gathering inspiration,

I have focused on this particular rock group.

I call them Domino Rocks since they remind me of those little rectangle tiles also known as bones, cards, tickets, spinners and stones.  Stones!  These boulders are certainly not little ( I guess each one is several tons in weight), certainly not stones, but I like the idea of calling them stones.

These particular stones (actually very big rocks) also remind me of mah jongg tiles.  And since I am heading out the door later to play my Tuesday game of mah jongg, what better subject to be painting than these Domino Rocks.

This is the beginning of my newest painting, Domino Rocks,

which is not finished.  It is also about the third or fourth time I have painted these particular boulders. 

Come back to watch the 
progress and see the completed work.

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