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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Restricted Palette

Using a Restricted Palette

Where I live we are still dealing with cool to cold temps, sun-rain-snow.  The plants are trying to send out their spring growth but it is a slow process this year.  Finally little, brilliant green leaves are showing themselves.  Daily I check my plants and have been inspired by this new growth.

   After sketching, it was into the studio to select a palette and begin a painting.  I wanted to give warmth to the composition so I selected cadmium yellow, then an opposing color garbazole violet, which is a cool color though it is a combination of red (warm) and blue (cool).  For the fresh spring shade I used chromium green oxide and titanium white for light and highlights.  This was my restricted palette.  

Spring Sunset
30" x 10"

I find that limiting the palette creates a visually interesting, harmonic painting.  This particular work almost shimmers and gives the visual effect of the longer daylight hours or sunset in Spring.

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