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Monday, March 4, 2013

Painting Completion

It is Almost Complete

This past week I began working on the blossom of the Bird of Paradise flowers which I refer to as the bird heads.  Using a slightly different hue of green, combined with Hansa Yellow and Buff Titanium the birds began to come to life.

To create additional depth in this painting, a couple of the bird heads peer over a petal of a hibiscus flower.

After the heads were added, it was time to paint the plumes which, as I mentioned last week, were designed to curl and twist even though the actual flower petals are more rigid in appearance.  This is in an effort to create fantasy and whimsy which is also created with the size and combination of these two very different flowers.

Due to the black under painting, the plumage needed more than one layer of pigment.  The photo above shows the first application.

After the third layer of pigment, using the Buff Titanium, Hansa yellow and Indo Orange Red which was blended and mixed on the canvas to create dimension, the plumes were done.  Raw Sienna and Violet were used to shadow.

After the birds on each side of the canvas came to life, it was time to step back, assess the progress and add shadows. This was accomplished with quick brush strokes of pale violet, used like a glaze.  A very thin application of the pigment.

The canvas has been moved off the easel so I can 'live' with it for a few days to decide if there are high lights or low lights to add.  The next step with be to sign the work, varnish, add the wire and identification on the stretcher bars on the back. Then it is off to its new home in La Quinta, CA.

I have already under painted another canvas to begin a new painting (48" x 48"), so check back to find out what the subject and composition will be.  In the next post I will share that information plus show you the completed Bird Of Paradise and Hibiscus painting.

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