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Monday, March 25, 2013

Leave Those Electronic Devices Behind.

Take A Vacation.

Yes... A vacation from your electronic devices.  We all love them, and sometimes hate them, but love 'em or hate 'em, they are a part of our lives.  Actually, I really like mine and use them with my work and for play, directions, entertainment...on and on.   But sometimes they are a bit too prevalent in our lives.  

So it was with wild-reckless-abandon that I left my iphone, the greatest tool, personal assistant, crazy little device, in my studio when I left town for a few days.  Would I be able to live without being connected?  It was only going to be four days.  I thought I could survive.

I packed my sketch book and a real honest to goodness paper paged book to read, then headed into Mexico for beach, ocean, friends, good food and a few lively libations.  I spent a great deal of time looking, just looking, mostly at the ocean, but also flowers, palm trees, cacti and other wonderful sights.  If you have read my book, See Where You Are, you know I encourage the ability to actually look and SEE what surrounds you.  (You can click HERE to see, preview and order the book.)

An interesting thing brain had to entertain itself........ I came up with a completely new and different body of art work to create.  Of course I will still continue to paint flowers, palms, cacti, rocks, and produce, but I am so very excited to begin experimentation with this new idea.  It can't happen soon enough.  All because I left the devices behind.  Another thing I noticed was that it was far more relaxing to be without connectivity.  So...that's it for this week and the blog.  Into the studio for only, no connectivity, no electronic devices for the remainder of the day.  Try it.....step away for a few days.  You might surprise yourself.

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