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Monday, March 18, 2013

Daily Paintings.

While Working on a Larger Canvas.

You saw the beginning of this painting last week.  Spending many hours in front of the easel I was able to paint in the boulders above the water and begin the under water portion.

As well as working on the big piece, I entertain myself with small daily paintings too.  Using small canvas boards I can work out composition and palette.   I make myself work quickly with minimal brush strokes, or maybe the use of an unusual color, or use of one brush only.  The painting shown above is 48" x 48", so it requires more time than the little daily works.

Daily Painting
The Back Side

This daily painting of Caught Rock is actually a boulder formation off the Crystal Bay Point at Lake Tahoe.  In the past I have painted it from the lake looking towards shore.

Daily Painting
The Back Side

 For these little paintings I am taking the view from shore out towards the lake, and it has become what I call, The Back Side of Caught Rock.  So while working on Slabs, the bigger painting, I am playing with a composition for my next larger painting.  

Lake Tahoe Boulders, Lake Tahoe Rocks, Lake Tahoe

I was able to complete Slabs just this morning.  A new, blank 48x48 canvas is moving into the studio so Back Side can begin while I wait for four custom canvases to be constructed.  

Did I tell you the installation of the floral painting went so well the customers said, "FABULOUS!" and commissioned four more canvases?  Those are the custom canvases on order.  So for now I am painting Lake Tahoe Boulders, but soon I will be painting cacti and palms again.  

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