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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Painting Process Continues....

A Week of Painting

has resulted in a good deal of progress.  I brought the same hues to the right side of the canvas that I had painted on the left side.

Working with bold strokes of the brush, the pigment was laid down and pushed around to create a blending of hues on the canvas resulting in the formation of the Bird of Paradise leaves.  The layering of the leaves was accomplished with inclusion of Pthalo Blue in those to the back and Buff Titanium White mixed in for those to the foreground.  

beginning the first layer of pigment on the hibiscus flowers.

Next I moved to the center of the canvas to begin layering pigment in the area that would become the hibiscus flowers. 

Hibiscus flowers with first layer of pigment.

Due to the black under painting the flowers required multiple layers of paint to take on the fleshy look I wanted.

Hibiscus flowers after second and third layer of pigment.

After the petals were near completion, the stamen and pistel were added.

This week the Birds will be painted and because I desire there be a whimsical feeling to this work, the plumes of the bird heads will bend, twist, and fold as if dancing.  Already, with the size difference between the two represented flowers there is a look of fantasy and/or whimsy...exactly what is needed with this painting!  

Check back next week to see read and see how I bring this painting to completion.

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