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Monday, March 11, 2013

Final Post About The Floral Painting

It is Complete

Weaver's Birds and Biscus
18 x 62

Signed, sealed and delivery scheduled to take place tomorrow.  I made a very few highlight corrections in the leaves and Bird of Paradise plumes before signing and coating with an acrylic varnish.  Putting on that varnish is always a bit terrifying.  Why?  After all the hours of painting and perfecting the painting I find that application of varnish is tricky.  It is far too easy to end up with bubbles, lint or hairs, and uneven surfacing in and with the varnish.  But all went well.  I think switching to Golden's Acrylic Satin Varnish has made a huge difference.  It is a high quality material and much easier to work with.

Between varnish coats I have been drawing compositions for a new painting as you can see in these pages from my sketch book..

...and I settled on the drawing located bottom left for my newest project.  I am focusing on Lake Tahoe Rocks and water, large slabs of granite seen above and below the surface of the lake.  This is a tight group of boulders with huge amounts of light calling for a completely different palette and large brush strokes which will be a departure from the more refined brush work used in the floral painting.

During last week I was able to progress part way into the work.  It's a good start.  

Last week was also the La Quinta Arts Festival, so I took time to  walk the festival and visit with some of my favorite exhibitors.  Take a look at the web sites for Shelley Evans and Andrew Madvin  They are both talented creators working in different mediums, Shelley with fibers;  Andrew with glass.   Shelley creates incredibly detailed figures she refers to as Spirit Keepers.  They are rich in texture and expression.  Andrew's work is bold and colorful, made up of vessels, wall decoration, and my favorite cairns.  

It was a great week filled with art and more art.  This week promises more of the same with painting time, an artist's lecture, painting installation, and delivery of small canvases for 99 Bucks.  You remember that event from the past few years?  If not, stick around, check back, for I will be talking about it soon.

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