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Monday, April 16, 2012

Painting Give Away

Giving Away a Painting

A couple times each year I give away a painting.  This time it is this little painting titled "POM".  The small stretched canvas is 3" x 3".  The outside dimension with the frame is 4.25" x 4.25". 

 You have three things to do to qualify for the give away.

1. You need to 'like' my Facebook Artist's page and, 2. You need to get a friend to do the same.

3. Then you need to tell me that you and your friend have liked my page.  If you have already done so, just get a friend to like it.  Then tell me you have done this.

How do you do that?

Just follow the link below to my Facebook Artist's Page and click the like button.

Then come back to this blog and, 

Click the 'contact me' link below and tell me that you and your friend have liked my page.

The new owner of the painting will be announced Friday, here in my blog and on my Artist's Page.

Here are the links:

To get to my Artist's Facebook Page, click Here

To contact me to tell me you have liked my page and that a friend has done so as well, click 

If you will also become a follower of my blog, that will give you an extra entry.

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