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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Painting Flowers.

Painting Birds

Detail of Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee

And learning about the flowers as I paint them.

The Bird of Paradise flower is strange, unique, and nature repeating nature.  The Birds on this canvas have been the focus of my attention for many hours and months.  Today I worked on the blossoms which are composed of petals that are reminiscent of plumage, flamboyant in design and color.

Do you know that the Bird of Paradise flower prefers temps above 50 degrees?  I do too, but not above 90 degrees for me, however the plant seems to survive in 100+ temps.  Not me.

The Bird also seems to enjoy living in a pot as well as the ground and will bloom more profusely if root bound in the pot.  I think I prefer space.

A new Bird of Paradise plant takes 4-8 years to develop these spectacular blossoms.

These birds are coming to life right here in my studio, adding a bit of the tropics, providing the opportunity to work with a brilliant palette of color, and encouraging me to learn more and more about these exotic flowers.

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