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Monday, April 9, 2012

Art Commission Continues.

Birds of Paradise and Hibiscus Flowers

The 48" x 60" canvas was under painted with black gesso.  After sketching on the composition consisting of Birds of Paradise and Hibiscus Flowers the negative spaces were defined with a lush ultramarine blue pigment.

Bold slashes of color define the ribs of the leaves.

Working from top left, and the deepest part of the composition, the leaves begin to come to life on the canvas, and the space for the 'bird's heads' becomes more apparent.

The Birds in this area of the canvas are next.

This is such an unusual flower.  Nature repeating nature.  A flower that looks like a bird, with petals that look like plumage, and such fun plumage to paint!

It's back to the easel today with more hours of painting scheduled for this week.  Check back to see the progress of this painting in a post later in the week.

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