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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Painting During The Give Away.

Hours of Painting This Week.

Painted in the spines of the remaining Bird of Paradise leaves.

Due to the high weather temps here this week (100+ degrees) and the fact I paint in a studio that is open, without a ceiling, I am spending morning hours in front of my easel.

Began laying on leaf pigment.  Oh boy, it was hot outside.  I discovered that if I would jump in the swimming pool and stay wet I could paint in comfort.

Due to my stylization of the subject, the leaves are beginning to look like feathers.  Appropriate for a Bird of Paradise.

At the end of my hot hot hot hours in front of the easel yesterday this was what the painting looked like, where I started this morning.  

And about the Painting Give Away...
This Little Painting, POM, Was Given Away.  We held a blind draw last night composed of the names of those who participated.

Congratulations to Carla, who is co-owner of  Tom Beebe Artistry in Wood located in Truckee, CA. Follow this link to their Facebook page:  Carla is also the founder of Art Health Alliance, a non-profit providing healing art services.

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