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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mistakes and Errors

The Completed Apron Painting

Sometimes our mistakes can lead to another type of  'ah ha' moment. After painting a black border around the chili on the apron I started to work on the market bag.   Wanting to expand the size of the black gessoed area on the bag to accommodate the painting and the black border, I proceeded to apply the gesso to the bag and accidentally spilled a rather large blob of black on the bag that seeped through to the back of the bag.... what to do?  First I painted the front and waited for that to dry.

The Completed Bag Painting
This left me with two mistakes...the blob of black on the back and a wider right margin.  I decided I will use lettering on the wide right margin, something like:  Red Hot Chili or Chili or Red Hot or Real Women Eat Chilies or Hot Pepper or Hottie...something.  So now I will need to put the same lettering on the apron, but across the top.  And what to do about the back blob....???  After the painting on the front dried and I turned the bag over, I found the blob was in the shape of a chili.  Pretty cool.  Easy answer.  A small chili on the back.   

Errors are the portals of discovery.  

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