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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ARTour Preparations

North Lake Tahoe Open Studio ARTour takes place in July, and because I am one of the participating artists, I am spending time preparing for the event.  That means painting and creating jewelry daily.  I under painted this 48 x 30" canvas with black and sketched on my design, inspired by clear Tahoe water and a rock formation off the Crystal Bay Point.

 Next I began working from the bottom of the canvas, laying in the under water portion of the painting.

After that was complete, I worked on the upper portion of the canvas adding in the sky.

 And while that dries, before I can work on the rocks above the water line, I turned my attention to my jewelry table where I am working with huge, the-color-of-the-deepest-part-of-Tahoe, lapis beads.

Combining the lapis with a large Chinese, hand-painted porcelain bead and Mauritanian Hair Pebbles, the necklace became one that can be worn long or doubled to a shorter length.  Positively dramatic.

More progress on the painting tomorrow.

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