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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Because of the Long Beach Museum of Art's fundraising event and the items I will create for them (see my last blog post), I ran out to the market to purchase chile peppers.  Red, green and orange chiles are piled around my studio in group and solo arrangements.  I settled on the small reds as inspiration for this project and began sketching.  Three compositions appeal to me, so I sketched them onto small canvas boards and began the painting process as you can see above.

Next I began working on the chiles.  All of this to decide which composition to use on the market bag and the apron, mentioned in the last post.  

Finally I added in the boards under the solo chiles, more high and low lights, which completed each of these canvases.

Here they are:

The painting on the bag and apron will have a decorative border of some sort to contain the composition and create additional visual interest.  Anyone care to comment about which painting they think will look best on the apron and bag???

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  1. Hi Pamela, We are so grateful you are creating a bag for our fundraising event! I love each of the paintings, great play on lighting.

    Megan E. at LBMA