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Friday, June 25, 2010

Is it Work?

When you live in close proximity to your neighbors, as I do, you frequently hear their conversations and comments whether you want to or not.  For instance, yesterday, while I was painting in my studio on an overcast and cool day (but not too cool to have the windows open) I overheard my neighbor, who was working in his garden, exclaim to his friend that it was a perfect day to work.  As I was painting, doing my work, I began to think about the things we love to do and the enjoyment the act of doing can bring.  The question then arose, is this work?  

I continued to paint, losing myself in the process.  Was I toiling? Was it labor? Was it exertion?  

It certainly was a form of effort to produce something, but so frequently the word 'work' represents a negative.

Not so for me when standing in front of the easel.  And apparently, not so for the neighbor who made his statement with delight.  I prefer to think of this as self entertainment.

Now back to the painting for me.  Is this work?

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