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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's All Kid Stuff

  A woman is stopped by a police officer while driving her car, presumably due to a traffic violation.  The officer spies bags of nails, broken glass and razor blades in the back of her car and then recognizes the driver as someone who had previously been convicted of 18 felony counts of child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon, who had been put on probation , rather than given the 11 year sentence recommended by the prosecutor.   So here she was again, her weapons of choice sitting on the back seat.   Her previous crime was to  'plant' the nails, shards of glass and razor blades in city parks and playgrounds hoping they would cause injury to the children who would play there.  What do you think, was she headed out to repeat her crime?

These four stories, the top row of: Reporting America's Story,  wove through the pages of the paper that January.  As if these weren't enough, there were the stories of men's violence towards women.  The next five canvases represent those stories.  The first is about a man and a gun, but of course he didn't mean to use it.

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