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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Entertainment

Onto the scene came a story about a teacher, a married woman with three young foster children.  This English teacher, who was entrusted with teaching middle school students reading and writing seduced at least two of her 13 year old students with a series of phone calls, e-mails and dinner engagements before having sexual rendezvous with them, sometimes at their homes.  What an education....lewd-conduct was what counted in her classroom.  And yes, I consider this violence.

Tomorrow's canvas, the last  in the row about women's violence against children, deals with a two time offender (we have seen that before), a woman with a penchant for nails, broken glass and razor blades.  I think I saved the worst for last in this row.  They are all awful, pitiful, and have robbed children of dreams, life, innocence.  

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