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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Row Two - Men's violent behavior towards women.
There are five canvases in this row.  Here are two of them:

He Shot Her By Accident

When the authorities came to the front door of the home they found the woman's teeth scattered about the foyer and nearby staircase.  He said he shot her by accident but later changed his story saying she committed suicide.

Sit Down Beside Me and Hear My Sad Story

This canvas carries two different stories.   The first is about a pregnant woman whose husband is in jail, due to a conviction for spousal abuse.  She would like to divorce him before he is released and though it is her prerogative to do so, the judge objected.  Apparently he did not believe there was a pattern of domestic abuse to warrant divorce and he felt the woman should remain married because she was pregnant.

The second story involved a family dispute that escalated into a shooting at a hospital.  A man shot his wife and then himself.  Both were taken to a hospital.  Their sons, from previous relationships and unrelated, arrived at the hospital and began arguing.  The son of the wife shot his step brother, killing him.

These stories are absurdly disgusting.  And all being reported day after day.

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