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Monday, April 5, 2010

I was just informed that I have been selected as Dick Blick's April 2010 Featured Artist of the Month.  The monthly artist is chosen from submissions that come from all over the world!  What an honor!  The selection was based on my Produce Paintings.  Here is my statement about these paintings and a few photos....take a stroll down the Produce Isle:

"We live with fruits and vegetables daily, in the market and in our kitchens. I first started painting these colorful edibles after a visit to a farmers’ market where they were stacked and piled in bins and on tables. The shapes and colors were luscious and inviting, asking to be arranged into small still life arrangements, asking to become small paintings. Not only do I hunt farmers’ markets for beautiful produce, but I spend time in vegetable gardens and fruit orchards looking for just the right subject. 

I pick and purchase fruit and vegetables, take them home, set them up in small arrangements, sketch and photograph, then paint. At this point in time, my produce paintings are small, most 8" x 10", nothing larger than 20" x 16". But I can see that they would make wonderful large works.

You can see more of these Produce Paintings on my web site, or by asking me to e-mail photos of the newest work.

Dick Blick is an artists' supply house with a catalog, web site and physical locations.  Not only do they supply artists, but they are supportive of the arts and art students.  Take a look at their web site to learn more about Dick Blick:

And Thank You Dick Blick!!!!  I am honored to have been selected.

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  1. Congratulations! We need to catch up. Snowy here today at the Lake, but I know spring is just around the corner.