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Monday, April 26, 2010

My desert home is in escrow.  Because of this I am releasing, for purchase, several art works I created specifically for this home.  It is a contemporary home, so the work is contemporary as well.  I will be posting photos with descriptions of these works over the next several blog entries.  If you are interested in any of them, please contact me via e-mail for additional information:

The first work, Reporting America's Story, is a collection of 19 canvases, each 12" x 12".  It is approximately 90" tall by 64" wide when all canvases are hung.  

Pictured here are 13 of the canvases.  Each is a viable composition, yet designed to be hung together.  They are paint, wax, ink, and collage of newspaper clippings.  Each canvas represents one story reported in the newspapers during January 2005.  All deal with tragic situations, human cruelty and violence.

There are six rows. Each row tells of a particular type of violence:  Women against children, men against women, women against men, violence due to prejudice, women against women, men against children, child against mother.

This is a powerful statement not only about violence, but about the retelling of these stories by the media.  It is a graph of the frequency of these various types of violence.  The third row ( women against men), fifth row (women against women) and sixth row (child against mother) contain one canvas only, one story, while the other rows have several.  

When I moved into this home, I began having two local newspapers delivered which I read each morning.  This work was created as a catharsis for me after reading the newspaper day after day, seeing these stories told and retold again and again.  After one month, I discontinued delivery of the papers.  

If you would like additional photographs, pricing, or any further information, please contact me.

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