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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More About Art Gifting.

Or The Art of Gifting, Or Gifting Art.

Dakota Pratt

Ok, this is a bit of a stretch, but when I sell a work of art, my art, I always use some of the proceeds to purchase a work of art from another artist.  A gift of sorts, but not really a gift since I get something in return. OK, it's a purchase.  None the less, I love passing along some of my profits to another artist.   

Detail of Cherries
 Dakota Pratt

This last month Dakota Pratt exhibited at The La Quinta Arts Festival, in La Quinta, CA.  He was new to the show this year, and oh boy, did his work catch my eye.  It's FABULOUS!  He smashes bottle caps and applies them to wooden under structures to create colorful, whimsical sculptures.  You must take a look at his web site to see photos of his's great...and read about him.  Dakota Pratt .  I had sold several paintings over the past few months so I went to the outdoor festival with the intention of taking home a piece of art.  When I saw Dakota's Cherries sculpture I knew it was going to become a part of my collection.

A bonus, another gift, came about after living with The Cherries for a bit over a month.  I was inspired to paint Great Big Juicy Cherry to hang close to Dakota's cherries.

Great Big Juicy Cherry
36" x 18"
Pamela Hunt Lee

This was a gift of inspiration, unknowingly granted by another artist.  It also allowed me to use a little different palette than I have been using these past few months, the gift of color.   And it was just FUN to paint Great Big Juicy Cherry.  All in all, a great big fun filled gift.  

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