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Monday, April 7, 2014

Art Gifting

Or The Art of Gifting.

How about Gifting Art?  And what about donations of art?This is a rather controversial subject within the art world. Some of us donate our art to fund raising efforts, some do not.  It is a personal decision but one that is discussed over and over.  Artists are frequently, some say constantly, asked to make a donation of their work for one cause or another. 

Palm Springs 75

There many ways to make a donation and many items or situations an artist can donate. It doesn't need to be the art work itself.  It can be art lessons, time in the studio with the artist, a field trip with the artist to see what inspires their work.    Most of us have experience with all of it, so we make choices of how to handle these requests.

Pineapple Welcome

When it comes to donations of my art work I have chosen to support two causes/events, both benefit the arts in areas where I live, and it is the time of year for one of those events.

Three Tangelos

 99 Bucks, orchestrated by The Artist's Council of The Palm Springs Art Museum takes place this next Saturday. The funds generated support the education department for the museum, providing a wide variety of learning experiences for children, youth and adults in the Coachella Valley.  The funds raised give valley residents, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, occasions to enjoy and create visual arts.   This encourages budding artists and teaches appreciation for art.

Red Hot Chile

 Artist's and celebrities are asked to make a creation on a 5"x7" canvas which is supplied.  The canvases are then displayed anonymously in the Grand Ballroom at the Riviera Hotel this Saturday, April 12.  Each canvas will sell for 99 Bucks.  What a great price for an original art work.

Prickly Pear

 Last year there were over 700 canvases and probably almost that many people waiting patiently,  though with great anticipation, for the doors of the ballroom to open, allowing admittance.  It was a throng of patrons, jostling, viewing, ooing and ahing, buying the canvases as fast as they could.  It's crazy fun!


 Pictured here are some of the little canvases I have donated to this event over the past few years.  This year I painted three which are not pictured here but most definitely show up anonymously on the web site gallery which shows all the work that will be available.  Click HERE to go to one of the pages of that gallery.

Three Dancing Girls

  If you want a little more info about 99 Bucks, click HERE to be directed to the Artist Council's on line blurb about the event.  If you are in the area I hope to see you there!

99 Bucks
Riveria Hotel
Palm Springs, CA
Saturday, April 12
4:30 - 6:30

To contact me click HERE
To visit my web site click HERE

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