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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fence Post Cactus II.

The Beginning of the Second Canvas

 You recall I am painting a triptych (three canvases that will hang together) of Fence Post Cactus, or plants that look or fit that general description, and that I completed the first canvas.  So now, here is the beginning of the second canvas.

It's a Browningia hertlingiana....quite a mouth full.  These magnificent plants which live in the dry valleys of Peru grow to 33 feet tall.  Substantial.  I particularly like the faceted look of the plant parts;  like little jewels.

This Browningia hertlingiana has wickedly spiky, sharply pointed, long thorns to protect those little jewels.

It is a slow process to brush on each thorn, but it is rewarding to see the plant come to life on the canvas.  First the thorns go on and secondly the shadows they cast. After the addition of a few minor high lights,  it will be time to begin the third canvas.  

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