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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Things Going On.

In The Studio, That Is.

It must be the time for new beginnings.  Not sure why, but I do know that for about a year I have been fascinated with the idea of painting images of the Indian women who lived in the area where I live.  Oh my, that means portraits. And that means something new. Portraits.  A bit frightening. But I love a challenge and if you read this blog you know I believe you are just producing if you are not pushing yourself as an artist, discovering new, making new......creating.  But the thought of portraits......


And then I remembered my first drawing class and the subject placed in front of us.  My instructor gave us a photograph of a man's face, drawing paper and a selection of pencils.  And great instructor he was, taking the fear away, teaching how to see the negative spaces, draw the negative spaces and in the process taking away the thought that it was a face, taking away preconceived notions of how this drawing should look.

Ok, so I am ready for this challenge.  I think I know what I want to accomplish and I will share it here as I make progress, so stay tuned, come on back, be a part of new things going on in my studio.

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