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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Art Work

And So It Begins.

Mentioned previously that my studio would be a hive of activity for a couple months with the beginning of the year.  It's energizing to have all this work to get done.

First Project:  Members of The Artist's Council of the Palm Springs Art Museum have been invited to create work to commemorate and celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the City of Palm Springs.  Continuing with my letter and word fascination that found its way onto some of my canvases last year, I began playing around with sketches involving the appropriate words and numbers, or what I see as appropriate and palms, of course.  Palm Springs, see the correlation.

Just the start of the larger canvas.  The letters and numbers get attached.

And then the canvas is gessoed again.

Second Project: This one will tie into the first.  The small canvases I paint each year for 99 Bucks, the annual fund raising event for the Artist's Council are a perfect place to work out my desires for the above mentioned work.  The first little canvas is based on the letters, numbers and a palm tree.   Creating this small canvas helps me understand the palette I want to use, my compositon, and the way I want to paint the tree in the larger work celebrating 75 years of PS.

Little 7x5 canvas gessoed after letter/number application.

Little canvas completed.  

So then it is back to work on the larger canvas, laying in the colors that will become the background.  Heavy application of paint and scoring through some of it to create additional texture and line.

And then the palm tree is sketched in quite minimally and the work on the trunk begins.

Between processes I am ordering a large, odd sized canvas for a commission of Birds of Paradise and Hibiscus flowers and thinking about what to enter in an invitational show at The Long Beach Museum of Art.  BUSY.  2013 looks like it will be busy.  What a great way to start the year.

It's back to the easel for me....more palm tree to paint.

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