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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Artists Are Unique

I Have Been Accused of Being Weird.

It's nothing new, just a repeat of words. I am told some variation of that now and then,  but aren't all artists a little bit different?  Our eyes and brains work in a particular way allowing us to process everything around us a little bit differently than others.  And we bring creativity into all areas of our lives, because we love to and are driven to create! 

So was it weird when I just wasn't pleased with the way the most recent palm painting was progressing and I painted out the palm so I could start over?

As you know, it is typical for me to post photos of my work here and on Facebook as it is created, as it is painted.  This painting was no exception.  However an interesting thing happened.  I posted a photo late in the afternoon and then during the early evening I picked up a brush and black gesso and covered the palm.  The next morning when taking a look at Facebook I noticed I had received a message from someone who wanted to see the painting before it left for the exhibition.  OOPS.  But not really oops, because I just was not pleased with how the painting was progressing and knew I needed to change it.  That person is not the one calling me came from another source because of this 'paint out' situation, and it was said with humor, but it just got me thinking about the other times I have been told the same.


After the gesso paint out


There were many things that were just not right about the painting and I corrected them.  The painting is done and off  at judging for the exhibition.  Hopefully the judges will not think the painting weird.  They don't get to judge me however, so I will just continue on with my weirdness.

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