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Friday, March 23, 2012

Outside The Box, Completed.

The Rock Cairn is Completed.
It's ready to be shipped.
Off To PlacerArts it goes.

sawdust rock sculpture for Outside The Box art event at PlacerArts
Human Nature

Juggling and balancing the 'rocks', creating the proper visual sequence, and then skewering them along a steel rod all played into the final steps of creation.  A drill press, a band saw and a buffing machine were used to make the steel and aluminum armature.

rock sculpture for PlacerArts Outside The Box exhibition

To make sure the stones would remain the way they were placed, a bit of adhesive was used.

A few more dabs of pigment, the addition of 'mica' sparkle, and it is complete.  

Off it goes to PlacerArts.

Outside The Box
The 5th annual Outside the Box Show is a fundraiser benefitting PlacerArts. In February, 2012 regional artists were issued a "deconstructed" wood box and given two months to come up with whatever creation the mind can imagine. The results are a must-see! The completed Box Art debuts at The Arts Building Gallery on April 12 during Auburn Art Walk. 

Special viewing starts at 4:00pm on April 12, until 9 pm. Also, mark your calendar for the Live Art Auction on Saturday, May 19 from 7 - 11 pm. 

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1 comment:

  1. What a creative use of the box. It's a wonderful sculpture and even better when the story of it's creation is told.