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Friday, March 2, 2012

Completed Palm Painting.

It's Ready for Delivery & Installation!

60" x 48"

Though I have been posting photos of this painting for about a week, it has actually been on the easel for a few months.  Before that I was sketching and out in the field observing.  I am still staring at every palm I see, doing a visual dissection.

When I am preparing to work on a particular subject, I conduct research, find the subject to sketch, immerse myself in that subject.  It's interesting to see how the research can influence the way I paint. 

I do want to tell you a bit about palms.  Do you know that they inhabit almost every type of habitat, from rain forests to deserts?  They appear in fossil records from 80 million years ago. 

And do you know that in many historical cultures palms have been symbols for victory, peace and fertility?

Take a closer look at the next palm tree you pass.  It may surprise you to see the textural detail, how the tree grows, how it is maintained.

This painting is scheduled for installation on March 12.  It is going into a graceful, Pan Pacific influenced, ocean front home in Southern California.  For now, I get to live with it...just a while longer.

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