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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art and Philanthropy.

Gifting and The Arts

Pineapple painting by artist Pamela Hunt Lee
Pineapple Welcome
7" x 5"
Original Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas

Every artist has opportunities for charitable giving, and every year I select a few.  There are so many ways to help others, so I find that a focus is important.  Because I am involved in the arts, because I feel that an education in the arts is important for young people, I select programs that earmark art education.   I also look for programs at the local level, in the areas where I live. And then I usually donate art that can be auctioned or sold to generate funds for the programs.

Prickly Pear Blossom Painting by Pamela Hunt Lee
Prickly Blossom
7" x 5"
Original Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas

Currently, as in the past, I am painting for the Palm Springs Art Museum Artist's Council event, 99 Bucks.  Artists and others who are famous or perhaps infamous create small canvases, all 5"x7", that are exhibited anonymously and sold in one evening.  Each canvas is 99 Bucks.   This is a crazy fun evening filled with high energy and a large crowd of buyers.  Funds generated help provide art education and opportunities for youth and adult in the Coachella Valley in California. The event is Saturday, April 21 and it is free admission! Read more about it by clicking  Here.

Rock cairn painting, It's All About Balance,  by Pamela Hunt Lee
It's All About Balance
7" x 5"
Original Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas

The sawdust rock cairn, Human Nature, that was just shipped to PlacerArts, in Auburn, CA, and has been the focus of this blog for the last few posts,  is also part of a fund raising effort.  Outside The Box is the event.  The art can be viewed beginning April 12.  A live auction to sell the art takes place on May 19.  Read more about this by clicking HERE.

Sawdust rock cairn by artist Pamela Hunt Lee
Human Nature
Sawdust Rock Cairn
21" x 9"

If you are in either of these  areas in California I hope you will get out to the event and support the arts.

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