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Friday, March 9, 2012

More Painting.

The Rock Cairn Begins to Take Shape

However, before I started painting the cairn I realized I wasn't satisfied with what would become the background.  

One entire large tube of Titanium White and most of a tube of Quinacradone Gold later, it was more to my liking.  That's quite a bit of pigment for a 30" x 24" canvas.  

After more scoring and carving through all that paint the canvas had additional texture. After 24 hours of drying it was time to paint the cairn.

Using a very diluted Titanium white, I sketched in the design for the cairn.  Brush work began at the top of the canvas and using a very limited palette the cairn took shape.

 Some additional glazing of color created rich layered tones.  The cairn painting for the Truckee Cancer Center represents Balance, Clarity, Permanence, Purity, Hope, and Positivity.

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