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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Painting Continues

Getting Lost in the Process

The bottom half of the diptych begins to take on a life of it's own as I paint in the submerged rocks and play of light over those rocks.  

The process of painting, holding brush in hand, dipping it into the medium and applying to the canvas becomes all consuming.  The smallest strokes as well as the largest, the combining of hues (that's color mixing) draws my focus and concentration to the moment.  I am lost in this process.  Putting the brush into the pigment and then watching it brush across the canvas to create line, shape and form is magical.

After several strokes of the brush, I step away, across the room to observe the progress.  I paint fairly quickly at this stage working with light to dark and dark to light, paying close attention to the deeper, darker areas as well as the surfaces hit by sunlight.

Come back to see more in a few days.

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  1. Good Morning Pamela,
    I have been so remiss in not coming by sooner and telling you how much I appreciate all your visits on comments on my blog. I have such wonderful memories meeting you several summers ago and getting to see your amazing home and fabulous jewelry. You must come back again to The Alameda Point and hang out with Terry and I. You have a choice on who to stay with now that I have a guest room! We have a place at The Northstar Club, so the next time we come up I would love to get together!!
    I hear you are getting some amazing weather up there now :)
    It's so nice to be blogging friend and I promise to come by a lot more often and see all the amazing things you are creating.
    I would also like to do a post about you in the near future. I'm kind of focused on learning some of the mechanics now that my son is gone :(
    We'll talk soon,
    Have a brilliant week